Pacific Coast Interpreters has a wide variety of Certified and Non-Certified On-site Interpreters and Translators who are available to meet with you according to your needs. We offer extemely reasonable rates with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


For the past sixteen years, we have provided interpretation and translation services in many languages for personal and professional reasons. We cover a variety of fields of interpretation for the purpose of Depositions, Hearings, Arbitration, Recorded Statements, Conferences, Client Meetings, Medical Appointments, Employee Interviews, Training, Phone Calls and Tour Groups. Our trained interpreters and translators offer accurate translation in many languages: Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Arabic and many more. Pacific Coast Interpreters is experienced in assisting insurance companies, medical offices and law firms. We have been present in courtrooms, as well as handled many immigration issues and other matters that require translation. Our certified translation services are accepted by government agencies, immigration offices and foreign embassies.


Our services include:


• Same day service (in most cases)

• Certified Interpreters

• All languages (most dialects) / Sign Language

• Court Hearings/Recorded Legal Testimony/Depositions

• Conferences/Sales Presentations/Employee Meetings

• Document/Brochure/Web Page Translation/Employee Handbooks

• Commercial/Marketing Slogans/Jingles (we can help you target the huge Hispanic market)


Call us today to arrange your meeting with us ....soon we'll all be speaking the same language!